Hi I’m Kristian, and I graduated with $33,555 of student loan debt. It took me 3 years to pay it off and now I write about personal finance for millennials, because that’s what I am.

To learn more about how I paid off my debt in only 3 years check out this article: here. 

Now I’m committed to helping 1 Million people pay off their debt and live a more fuller life.

This site is dedicated to sharing with you how to live more, work less, and enjoy life without needing a million bucks in the bank!

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Why Start This Site?

I’ve seen too many friends get deep into student loan debt and be struggling with their personal finances without reason. When implementing some simple financial and business principles in their lives most people can drastically change their financial landscape and improve every aspect of their lives. 

This site helps answer the question: “How do I start?” and “Where do I start?”

I struggled for 4 years in school not really knowing why I was drudging through college so that I could live the “american dream” and not my own dream.

How Much is the Average American’s Student Debt?

The average debt held by a student in the class of 2016 was $37,172 (1) and as that number continues to rise it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Many people think the only option to finance their educational pursuits is to take out debt or work a menial job to make money to go through School. That’s what everyone else is doing right? So we must need to do the same.

How Much Debt Did You Have Coming Out Of School?

I graduated with just shy of $25,000 in student loan debt, didn’t start paying it back for 2 years and it grew to over $27,000, took out a credit card with 7% interest and racked up a $4,000 bill, had a car lease which was eating me alive for the first 9 months after graduating, and was working a job earning just $1000 a month coming out of school.

In just 3 short years I was able to go from over $33,555 in debt to completely debt free and have over $10,000 in savings and assets while earning just above minimum wage.

If I can do it, so can you. You just have to get creative with how you attack your problems. Read more about My Personal Debt journey.

Now, I write about how to live a better life, debt free, and how to earn money online. Much of my content is geared towards millennial; however, anyone can take and use these principles to improve their own lives.


My mission is to improve the quality of life for my students, readers, and clients through the teaching of sound business and finance principles.

My vision to assist 1 million people around the world, drastically improve their lives through financial and business education.



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